Thursday, April 13, 2006

Women's Center Endorse Larry Wise for YCC President

I'm pasting the Women's Center endorsement below. Please vote in the run-off election today here.

The Women's Center endorses Larry Wise, MC '08 for YCC President as he has demonstrated a strong commitment to gender and sexual equality most notably in his work regarding the drafting of a new sexual harassment policy on campus.

We would appreciate if you could take the time to vote for Larry Wise between this Thursday, 9am, and Friday, 9pm. We firmly believe that Larry Wise is the candidate offering the best kind of broad-based platform necessary to succeed as the YCC President. As the Morse YCC Representative, he has developed this platform through his experience and successes on the council this year. During these two semesters Larry Wise:

* Wrote the Sexual Assault Resolution in conjunction with RSVP, establishing a more centralized and advertised of assault prevention and response
* Chaired the YCC Security Committee
* Successfully advocated increasing police patrols, improving street lighting, and better campus security publicity
* Created the new nightly Blue Line bus route and advocated minibus expansion
* Successfully pushed for renovations to Morse, Stiles, and Calhoun
* Sat on the Committee for Campus-Wide activities (CCA)
* Co-chaired Yale's upcoming Community Service Day

We think it is important that the Yale College Council works on both serious, long term issues and day-to-day student life functions. To that end, Larry's stated objectives are to:

* Significantly increase aid for middle income families
* Finalize improvements to Yale's Sexual Assault response and
prevention system.
* Use the activities fee effectively year-round and improve fall show;
* Publicly seek student opinion of renovation needs
* Promote responsible environmental stewardship by emphasizing green products
* Press the administration to support Yale's LGBTQ community with an administrator and increased funding
* Improve relations between our Greek community and the Yale administration
* Make DUH more student-friendly by continuing to push for minimized wait times and more effective publicity and web-based information

Please join the Women's Center in voting for Larry Wise for YCC President. Thanks for your time.

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