Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Deans respond to the Rumpus outrage

Let's hope this community responds similarly next time Yale publications publish rape jokes and other sexist "humor" pieces.

"The stereotypes of Asian Americans appearing in certain student publications recently are neither humorous nor inoffensive; they are, in fact, disgusting. Although Yale College's commitment to free expression protects vulgarities such as these, we all must be mindful of an equally powerful obligation to create a larger community fostering mutual respect. In this instance, what may seem funny to a few is deeply insulting to many."
-Peter Salovey
Dean of Yale College

"Free speech is a fine thing. But we are also free to call the Rumpus articles exactly what they are: thoughtless, arrogant, insulting and disruptive to our community. I am repulsed that the editors used their privileged positions to spread vile and puerile stereotypes, particularly as we welcome over 1000 extraordinary admitted students to campus as our guests. Thankfully, the vast majority of Yale students will provide the admitted students with a very different kind of welcome."
-Jeffrey Brenzel
Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

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