Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The 21st Century Woman

The Women's Center's annual speaker series begins today. The schedule is below; make some time to attend! Tonight's event addresses the lack of women leaders on campus addressed by last week's Herald.

Twenty-First Century Woman:
Who is She?
Past Changes and Future Challenges

-April 19 - Where have all the women gone?
A study break on the lack of visible women leaders on campus.

This past YCC election, no women ran for President or Vice President of the Council; there were, in fact, just two candidates for eighteen positions while women account for more than half of the undergraduate population. However, absent women leaders extend beyond YCC to lead positions in various other student organizations on campus. Perhaps they work behind scenes? Regardless, the lack of visible female leadership is unmistakable when considering the abundance of their male peers'. It can't be for lack of qualified women - so what's the reason? Eat Thai and discuss the dearth of active women leaders on campus.

8pm at the Women's Center

-April 20 - Beyond Madonna: An Exploration of Women in Art

Who is our era's Madonna and what does she look like? Images of women in art have changed radically over the millennia. Join the Yale Women’s Center as it teams up with the Yale University Art Gallery and the Yale Center for British Art for a grand tour of how the depiction of women has changed in art.

5.30 Center for British Center

6.30 Undergraduate Art Galley
8.00 Opening of undergraduate works at Women's Center

-April 22 - Life after Yale: Alumnae Discuss Work and Family, Expectations and Realities

Four diverse women alumni will return to Yale to hold a panel-discussion with undergraduates on the complex factors that shape their lives after graduation. The panelists will speak about the combinations of choices they've made and chance circumstances they've encountered. They will discuss living with Yale's expectations that its graduates will become "successful leaders." Likewise, they will offer observations and insights derived from their experiences and attempt to answer our questions on future apprehensions and aspirations.
Alumnae :
Anne Nelson YC '76, playwright, mother and professor at the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs
Laura Freebairn-Smith MPPM '86, mother, director of Organizational Development at Yale
Linn Cary Mehta YC '77, professor at Barnard College, scriptwriter and literary consultant, mother, writer, and philanthropist
Cary Hyson YC '77, history teacher, mother and college counselor

email for location

-April 23 - A Conversation about Writing, Girls' Issues, and Trying to Have it All
With Carol Weston, Novelist, Columnist, Alumna and Mom

Carol Weston, SM '78, writes and speaks about girl and teen issues. She is the "Dear Carol" columnist at Girls' Life magazine. Her twelve books include Girltalk: All the Stuff Your Sister Never Told You and For Girls Only (HarperCollins), and Melanie in Manhattan (Knopf). Girltalk has been in print for 21 years and has been widely translated. Carol has appeared on The Today Show, The View, and Oprah . She lives with her husband and two teen daughters in Manhattan. Her website is

11am brunch at the Women's Center

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