Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sexual Assault Petition

RSVP will be on cross campus today handing out information about Yale's rape and sexual assault policy and asking students to sign a petition for change.

Please visit and find out more about what needs to be done.


Anonymous said...

"serves as an alternative news source and discussion forum"

where is the news folks?
i know we're busy yalies but if you're gonna start this thing and get all this buzz going...keep it coming.

Laura Janoff said...

Della and Sabrina,

So I think most who care know that the Rumpus is rampantly sexist. But I think most of us forget about the Yale Record, "America's Oldest College Humor Magazine." They were handing out a little flier at the Game which I'm sure if any of you saw or took you didn't actually read it. Well, on it, among other things that aren't funny and/or are done in poor taste, is a map of campus. The most immediately noticable thing on it is what look like modified nazi symbols. When you look at the key you find out that this means "feminazis," with the extra added lines making litte connected F's. The visual is really disturbing. Ok, as a feminist Jew, I find this wrong on so many levels. Having been called a feminazi for all of high school, I thought I was at least on hiatus from it at college.

A final note: they place us between Broadway, York, and Tower Parkway. Seems pretty random.