Thursday, November 10, 2005

Say Your Name!

To all dissenters: take credit for your thoughts and identify yourselves.

We are happy to have so many responses to our posts from all different voices - even voices of disagreement. But we do NOT appreciate (or, for that matter, take seriously) anonymous comments like the ones recently posted. If you have an opinion, please accept responsibility for your thoughts and sign your name; doing otherwise delegitimizes your argument and creates a violent and unproductive discussion.


Anonymous said...

In case you forgot, no one owes you anything. Stating my name would be more trouble than it's worth. I have no need to feel stigmatized by any particular group of people, even if it's one with which I disagree.

Doesn't the anonymity of it all seem sexy to you?

Noah said...

Hey anonymous of the last comment--thank you for perfectly affirming the existence of sexism at Yale. I'd like to thank this blog for taking on people like you.

Anonymous said...

Hey noah of the last comment--thank you for perfectly affirming the lack of existence of any sense of humor whatsoever on this blog. I'd like to thank this blog for catering to oversenstive blokes such as you.

(Look. Label me what you want, I don't care and you don't even know who I am. But there's a BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE between being sexist and being un-PC or tasteless (which I am clearly guilty of). Maybe you should get your shit straight before you start making such dumb statement.)

Anonymous said...

1. If you want to know my reasons for remaining anonymous, check the comment I posted a minute ago under the Livengood post.

2. I don't care if you take my opinions seriously or not. I'm writing them because I want to write them. They are serious opinions, but it's your business, not mine, whether you pay any attention. Read: I don't care.

3. Sense of humor issue: I present my opinions as I see fit. If you don't think I'm responding "like an adult," that's fine by me. But my criticism is what it is. I don't think that feminism is wrong and I frankly AGREE in large part with the core principles of these bloggers (namely, rape/sexual assault are serious issues that need to be addressed a lot more thoroughly and publicly). What I disagree with, however, is the overarching tone of uber-political correctness that wrongly labels as sexist any kind of humor related to female issues (such as the Rumpus article).

If you don't like the way I'm posting or the opinions that I have, I don't give a shit. Again, I don't owe you a damn thing.

Laura Janoff said...

This is not particularly connected to any particular post... While I support whole heartedly the task of trying to make more people aware of sexism, I think that more credit needs to go to a small but vocal group of people who are very politically aware but chose not to call themselves feminists. While I personally call myself a feminist, there are those who prefer to identify as womanists or humanists or a variety of other terms not because they're afraid of the f-word (althought there's plenty of that, and I agree we need to de-stigmatize the term) but because of the many historic and modern class and race issues that are connected to "feminism." I think that demonizing these people who choose to go by other names, as well as closing the door to that option by calling "feminist" the only term, puts us in danger of perpetuating the racists and classist past of our foremothers.