Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Male Feminist Makes Headlines

Today's YDN editorial page features this editorial about why Hillary Clinton is despised
(wrongly, he argues) by many Americans - liberal and conservative.

broad recognition is about campus life, so I'm not going to write about Senator Clinton's political record for now. I'm just glad to have a Yale guy say he's feminist in this prominent space, and to have someone point out the oft-ignored sexist dimensions of Hillary-hating.

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Anonymous said...

This writer is a joke!

To dismiss disapproval of Hillary as simply sexist is nothing short of ridiculous.

I will NEVER vote for Hillary, not because she is a woman, or because she's a powerful woman who 'intimidates' me.

I refuse to vote for her because he policies are garbage. And ya know what? Most of Americans will agree come lection time!

While she may be ahead in early polls over uncertain republican rivals, the democrats will continue to lose because of their attitude toward death.

Democrats support of abortion, contraceptives and euthanasia has resulted in a population divide between red and blue.

Wake up democrats! You are killing off your constituency! You are shrinking your average family size! You are decreasing your voter pool!

Be afraid of the Republican Party, we have larger families which equals more votes.

Things are going to change and unless feminists decide to get behind groups like "Feminists for Life" instead of NARAL and any other Planned Murderhood PAC, you will be wiped off the political map of the US.

Birth control and the sexual revolution promised you freedom from rape, gender discrimination, and sexism. Instead these false hopes have collapsed around you.