Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Major Loss in the Fight for Choice

I just wanted to link to this New York Times article that details the shocking decision that was handed down today by the relatively young Robert's court. In short, the 5-4 decision upheld a federal ban on late term abortions (derisively called 'partial birth abortions' by pro-life campaigners, and known medically as 'intact dilation and extraction' abortions). Unsurprisingly, the one woman sitting on the bench, Justice Ginsburg, wrote the dissenting opinion and stated that the decisions fly so directly in the face of earlier decisions that she doubts the decision can stand.

I sure hope she is right. It is a sad day when the Supreme Court works against civil rights.

In Reversal, Justices Back Ban on Method of Abortion


Anonymous said...

It's a patronizing and perhaps wrong opinion, but plenty of people on the so-called left believe that Roe is a wrongly-decided case. I wholeheartedly agree that abortion should be legal and safe. However, whether a woman's right to an abortion is written into the constitution is more than questionable.

Anonymous said...

I am all for people having their own rights. But I hate that other people get to lobby and bitch and moan. But me, who doesn't believe in killing innocent life, has to watch her tax payer dollars pay for government funded abortions. Let me think. How about if those who don't believe get to allocate their money where they want?
Now that is true freedom. And I have a feeling a lot of people sitting on their highhorses, demanding this and that, will be left out in the cold without much funding.