Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Homophobia at Yale

Well, if I ever had a flicker of doubt that this blog was still needed on this campus, that doubt has been erased by the incredibly crude, homophobic poster campaign that went up today all over campus, accompanied by emails, mocking National Coming Out Day. This poster campaign was cryptic, attempting to be funny, and overall TOTALLY lame. In addition to just being gross, tasteless, and hate speech. Its shocking to me that another Yale student doesn't at least have the intelligence to deal with these issues in a more sensitive, thought out way. But I guess thats the whole idea with bigotry--its not really thought out nor sensitive nor intelligent. But rather than continue to rant and rave, I want to give the floor to Nadja Spiegelman, a co-ordinator in the LGBT Co-Op and an awesome feminist in her own right. The following post is an editorial she wrote in response to today's events.

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