Tuesday, January 17, 2006

But... you won't find a man!!

This is not official Yale news, but I just saw Katha Pollitt's article at the Nation and it seemed like a must-read for college women.
I, for one, am tired of being warned about the negative consequences of being a highly-educated and successful woman.

We've heard the argument a lot in recent years that the gains of feminism (and the resulting increase in numbers of women in college) represent a "War on Boys". John Tierney recently wrote a column (egalia has the full text and Pollitt comments on some choice exerpts) on the real problems with this imbalance: all these educated and financially independent women won't be able find husbands!

Pollitt's piece rightly points out that the numbers don't tell the whole story; university curriculums and policies are still masculine to the bone, and the "real world" is no better.
...does today's dating scene really consist of women who love Woolf and men who love Grand Theft Auto? College may not create the intellectual divide elite pundits think it does .... For most students, it's more like trade school--they go to get credentials for employment and, because of the sexist nature of the labor market, women need those credentials more than men.
Until that changes, let's not institute affirmative action for men.

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