Friday, December 09, 2005

Four years and still nothing

This story came out a few days ago: leaders from nine universities (including our very own...*heart*) pledged a renewal of efforts to increase gender inequality in faculty at universities.

In case you didn't know, Princeton is hardcore about this, due largely to the aggressive reforms of President Shirley Tilghman. Despite PR efforts, however (the group, "Nine Presidents," was founded in 2001....), Yale and Harvard have not made great strides. It looks like things are in fact getting worse (what!?).
Women professors at the seven other Ivy League schools fell further behind men in the study of 1,416 U.S. academic institutions. The biggest difference, 22 percent, was found at Hanover, New Hampshire-based Dartmouth College.
Why aren't these guys getting with it?? Read the article... it's an interesting look at the problems and solutions we've discussed here before.

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