Wednesday, October 26, 2005


It is a sad truth that many students at Yale refuse to identify as feminist, either because they don’t know what it means or don’t see it as applicable to daily life. Despite their ability and willingness to recognize gender injustice, most students are reluctant to label such injustice a product of sexism and therefore do not consider their outrage to be a kind of feminism.

Our goal is to build an educational dialogue about the definition of feminism, its role in society, and the debates within feminism in order to cohere the movement and build its strength. This blog will provide feminist commentary on life at Yale: news, events on campus, scholarship and, most importantly, daily experiences.

Currently, an integrated dialogue is absent. The September rape accusation on campus, for example, finally prompted discussion about sexual assault at Yale, yet the discussion lacked a visible and unified feminist response. We want to create a space where a football player, a Women’s Center board member, and a rape survivor can each communicate on such issues without feeling threatened or silenced. Additionally, the daily oppression we all experience never makes it to the front page of the Yale Daily News. In the blog, we intend to cover those stories which are personal and are in turn marginalized for political reasons. We want to become an alternative news source.

We invite anyone and everyone to post their reactions and to ask those difficult questions we rarely publicly ask. Be bold. Be brave enough to post your name. Be respectful: this is a safe space for debate.

We will post several times per week, and occasionally host guest bloggers to provide new voices. Questions or suggestions should be directed to

It's time we all got it.